aus Düsseldorf

ist emotional, eigensinnig und introvertiert

Lebt für:
Musik: Machen, Singen, Komponieren, Texten
Grübeln, Meditieren, Laufen, Lesen, Freunde

Läßt sich vorleben von:
Roger Hodgson, Edgar Alan Poe,
Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowski, Sean & Olaf

Läßt sich am liebsten vorsingen von:
Roger Hodgson, Supertramp, Mike and the Mechanics,
The Alan Parsons Project, The Beatles, George Harrison

WATCH OUT, I´m falliing easily!

"To me there´s only one goal in life, and that is love.

For me, music has been a doorway  to finding love,

to expressing love, to crying out for love, to rejoicing

in finding love. [...] And hopefully that will be felt by
the audience and they will go away filled up in some
way, with their hearts touched."
(Thank you, Roger Hodgson, for  speaking my heart)

" I gotta face a little feeling right now
And I gotta know my heart is reelin´...
And I  just need time, with and without you...

You took the chance to be a-freeing( that night)
And you took the time to be a´reading (my mind)
But I just need time, with and without you...

I gotta face a little feeling
Right on time..."

("Right on Time" - Ponderer)
        "I´ve got something on my mind called a sweet serenity
        Because a little thing, a song to sing
        Has changed me all around
        I´ve got something in my hands like a world to hold on to
        And when I turn the page, another age
        It´s still a dream come true..."
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